isitrightforyou-thWhy Choose DRB GlobalConnect for Publishing My Book?

There are a lot of “terms” being used when talking about publishing. “Traditional publishers,” “vanity publishers,” “self-publishing,” subsidy publishing,” “independent (indie) publishing” and “partner publishing” to name a few. It can get really confusing. Basically there are three options.

1. Obviously, the way most authors would prefer to be published is the traditional way. You submit your manuscript to what is called a “traditional publisher,” and they like it and offer you a contract with a cash advance. Then you sit back and wait for the royalty checks to start rolling in. In truth, that was probably never a realistic expectation for the vast majority of authors. Yes, there are a few authors who are in that category, but most are household names by now and few publishers are putting forth much effort to find their replacements. Publishing is a risk business and few traditional publishers are taking the risk to invest in a new or unknown author.

2. Then the self/vanity concept came to the forefront when Print on Demand, a new printing technology that allows one copy at a time to be printed, was invented. This allowed all kinds of new “publishers” to spring up offering an inexpensive way to get published. Now there are hundreds of companies that offer this service. Most provide little or no editing, very little creative design, and virtually zero marketing and distribution. They make their money printing your book and selling it back to you at inflated prices, with little or no ability to¬† market, sell and distribute copies to anyone except you. Research shows that an average of 150 self published books are sold, mostly to the author. Why? Because, even if they are well written, well edited books, they have limited distribution backing them. While a few of these self publishers are legit, many of them are scams who prey on novice authors.

Also, keep in mind that the term “self publishing” is really a myth as even self published books need an editor, a cover design, typesetting, and somewhere to house them and have them printed. Once all of that happens with a production team, it still needs the marketing, sales, and distribution team for any hope of success.

3. And that brings us to the DRB GlobalConnect Partnership. In our partnership, we offer all the different components needed for a successful launch, from production (editing, cover design, typesetting, setting up the printing) as well as putting the book into our DRB GlobalConnect system as a direct feed to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and the universal listing of your title on the Onix Feed to bookstores across America and Canada. We also put the book in eBook formats for Kindle, Nook, tablets, laptops and smart phones. We then pay royalties on everything that sells in the retail trade. It is a full-service, turn-key partnership. It offers  you, as author, the opportunity to write and then interact with readers. We give you your own password protected portal so you can order copies at discount, access cutting edge resources for enhancing your social network marketing and provide opportunities for you to engage ancillary marketing resources to enhance your reach.

The advantage to our plan is that you end up with a high-quality, professionally edited manuscript with a uniquely designed cover that is distributed world-wide.

William Carmichael, President
Deep River Books