What is DRB GlobalConnect?
It is the Deep River Books Print-on-Demand (POD) discounted publishing system that allows you to order your books direct at discount, find ancillary marketing tools you can use to help you sell your book, and access free author resources. It also provides the upload and access to the Global market where your book is offered for sale (both print and eBook) at bookstores, wholesale distributors, and online stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What is the Difference Between Deep River Books Standard “Flagship” Publishing Partnership and the DRB GlobalConnect Partnership?

There are four areas of our publishing program with three basic differences.
1) Production: (No difference) Both programs offer professional editing, cover design, typesetting, and eBook conversion as part of the production package. We also pay competitive royalties for books sold to the retail trade in both programs.
2) Printing: With our standard flagship program, we do an offset print run and authors are asked to purchase 1000 copies minimum at 30% off the retail price as part of the initial print run. This gives the author book product to sell to recoup their investment. It also helps us have more funding for a more extensive marketing and sales program. The difference in DRB GlobalConnect partnership is that we do not do an offset print run up front, thereby saving some initial expense. Instead, we use print on demand (POD) to print books as they are ordered. And while this saves some upfront expense for both the author and the publisher, it only provides 20 copies to the author as part of the package. This means that the author would then need to buy books (in any quantity they choose as they need them at 50% off retail) in order to have books to sell and in order to help recoup their investment. DRB GlobalConnect is also on a different distribution platform.
3) Sales & Distribution: Under both programs, all books are uploaded to the Onex feed that gives online access to all bookstores to order copies of every title we publish. And all books are found in the online stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, etc. In addition, all books are also available in eBook formats for Kindle, Nook, tablets, smart phones and laptops. But in our standard flagship program, books are also presented and sold by our STL Advocate sales team that makes face to face calls on bookstore buyers who represent over 2000 stores. With DRB GlobalConnect, books are printed and supplied by Ingram/Spring Arbor/LSI and then uploaded to their “CoreSource” distribution program.
4) PR & Marketing: Under both programs, authors are offered online resources for marketing, promoting, networking, and sales of their books. But in out standard flagship program, authors are also assigned a personal PR person who develops a downloadable media kit, presents review copies to media and review bloggers and coaches authors on how to maximize their efforts. In the standard flagship program, we also prepare the sales materials for the STL/Advocate sales team and coach them on how to present the titles to the stores.

How Do I Submit My Proposal/Book Idea to Deep River Books?
When sending your initial query/proposal, you do not need to send us your entire manuscript. Please send us a synopsis (one page or less), an outline (two pages or less), and one or two sample chapters. Send them in a common font (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana), and double-spaced in a Microsoft Word document (a .doc file). Include the total number of words in your manuscript as well as a brief resume about the author. Then e-mail your proposal to: submit@deepriverbooks.com. We do not accept proposals by mail, only by e-mail.

What is the Cost of the Books Purchased by the Author in the DRB GlobalConnect program?
In our DRB GlobalConnect program, the standard author discount is 50% off the retail price. Authors can order books in any quantity they choose. If an author wishes to purchase a large enough quantity to justify an offset print run, deeper discounts can be negotiated.

What are the Royalty Rates Paid to Authors?
We pay competitive royalty rates but they vary depending on several factors including whether print or eBook, the genre, the retail price of the book, etc. Royalty rates also increase with the volume of retail sales realized. If we approve a manuscript for publication, we then outline the specific schedule of royalty rates.

How much is the annual maintenance fee for DRB GlobalConnect?
The annual maintenance fee is $75 and covers both print and eBook system management and accounting for payment of royalties.

What imprint would my book have?
The DRB GlobalConnect imprints include “TrustedBooks” “WaterLifeBooks” and “FishPond for Kids” books.

Will my book be listed and sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, etc.?
Yes. DRB GlobalConnect will put your book the market so that it is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, Ingram/Spring Arbor and can also be ordered by virtually every brick and mortar bookstore in most of the English speaking world, in addition to all of the major online stores and wholesale suppliers.

Is this market distribution plan offered at an additional cost to me?
No. It is included in the annual combined $75 maintenance fee you pay

Will my book show up on the Deep River Books Website?
Yes. All of the books we publish under all imprints are listed on the websites of Deep River Books.

Can readers order books directly from the Deep River Books website?
No. Readers will be able to see and “shop” for all books, but they are then referred to various retail outlets by a direct link where they can purchase it. This way we support all our retail suppliers rather than compete with them. And authors then are paid the royalty for the sale.

How are royalties paid and how can I find out how many books I’ve sold?
In the DRB GlobalConnect program, royalties for all print books will be paid semi-annually, accounting for any returns in a 90 day delay window. A report will be emailed and the check will follow in the mail. If there are no sales in a given six-month period, there will be no report to send and no check will be sent. Reports and payments will be sent out at the end of June and the end of December each year.

What other features are included in the Annual Maintenance Fee?
Included in the $75 fee is unlimited access to the Author Resource Center. This is for the exclusive use of DRB authors and includes the latest articles on social network marketing, publishing news, tips for blogging, and other coaching materials to maximize marketing opportunities.

If I have more than one title at DRB GlobalConnect, will they be covered by one annual maintenance fee?
Due to record keeping, accounting, and sales reports, we will need to charge you the $75 fee for each title you have in the DBR Global Connect program.

Besides the annual maintenance fee for each of my books, would there be any other costs involved down the road?
There are no other mandatory costs. The only added costs would be for any optional ancillary products or services you might select such as creating a website or media kit or other ancillary marketing products and services. All DRB authors have access to fee-based ancillary products and services such as customized marketing packages, customized websites, marketing products such as customized posters, postcards, and bookmarks; and other special author opportunities. As a DRB author, you would be entitled to at 15% discount on all fee based products and services ordered through your GlobalConnect portal. There are no hidden fees or costs that we will charge you.

Is my account password protected?
Yes, you will be given your own portal at the DRB GlobalConnect site (www.drbglobalconnect.com) with a user name and password. Only you can access your private account where you can order books and find helpful resources.

Why does Deep River Books require the Author to participate financially?
There is considerable risk in publishing, and that risk increases with new authors. Deep River Books is dedicated to helping new authors get published, but our business plan dictates that we will not do it alone. The money we receive from author helps pay for the professional editing, cover design, typesetting, printing, advertising, distribution costs and other overhead. That is why we tell our authors up-front that this is a “partnership” between publisher and author. Our goal is to make a profit and pay you a royalty when your book sells in retail stores.

Is Deep River Books a “Vanity” Publisher?
Deep River Books is not a vanity publisher. Occasionally we are accused of being one because, as stated above, we require the author to participate financially to share the risk. What makes us different is that we provide all the components you need for a successful launch of your book. We are dedicated to NEW authors and work hard to provide what they need in a full package of services.

Does Deep River Books accept all manuscripts submitted?
Deep River Books does not accept any and all manuscripts; we only take quality works that we feel have a chance to succeed in the Christian retail trade and fit our Statement of Faith. We turn down far more manuscripts than we accept. We have an editorial review team that reviews selected proposals, and they are the professionals that make the final decision on what we publish.

How large is a normal manuscript?
A normal size trade paperback book is about 200 pages when complete, which is about 40,000-65,000 words. Obviously, some books are smaller than that, but if they are substantially smaller, they are very thin books even when using larger type (the exception is when it is a specialty book with heavy graphics, photographs or a children’s book with illustrations). We like to receive manuscripts that are at least 30,000 words in length and we prefer manuscripts of about 60,000 words. Fiction can be up to 100,000 words or 300 pages.

What Categories does DRB publish?
Deep River Books does not target a single category as much as we target good writing from new authors. Because of this, we publish all kinds of Christian books, which include Christian Living, Bible Study, Fiction, Family & Marriage, Devotionals, Inspirational, Church Leadership, etc. We have recently started a children’s line of books, but we require the author to be working with their own illustrator and furnish samples of the illustrations when submitting their manuscript for review. We also publish books on theology and doctrine, but under a different imprint.

What makes a book a “Bestseller?”
Contrary to most people’s thinking, advertising does not necessarily sell books. Advertising can support the sales of a good book, but many books that have had hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on various kinds of advertising did not sell well. Books sell if they can find their audience. (We suggest you read The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. It will give you a better idea of how best sellers ‘happen.’) Having said that, there are three key things that we think make a book a best seller:
First, you have to have a good manuscript that is fresh, crisp, lively…with a great title and cover… that becomes talked about and recommended by the reader after it is read. Word of mouth is king in book sales. Our expertise at Deep River Books can and will help you make your book as good as it can be in format, content and design.
Second, as an author, you must have a good handle on your audience and initially be able to help get the book into the hands of your audience. Notice the authors who pitch their new book on talk shows: that is not an accident. Authors are key to helping jump start their book. We also suggest you purchase the book 1001 Ways To Market Your Book, available at most bookstores.
Third, you have to have an excellent distribution system set up to handle the demand if and when the book takes off (and we have an excellent system).

Once the book is published, does the author have anything to do with creating sales for the book?
The author has EVERYTHING to do with creating sales for their book! Publishing has gone under rapid and drastic changes in the past few years. Authors need to think in terms of “starting a business,” rather than just “writing a book.”
Good authors know where their readers are…and they certainly know how to get to them better than most publishers do. Authors find them via radio, TV, seminars, speaking invitations, the Internet, etc. A publisher is really the second wave for bigger sales volumes with a good distribution system to deliver books quickly and efficiently to meet the demand. Deep River Books has an excellent system for this… as good as any Christian publisher, big or small!
Remember, this is your book, your story, your life, your idea and your audience. Deep River Books – or whichever publishing company you choose – is only a partnering facilitator. In the end, it is your book, your talent, your passion and your audience that will get the ball rolling. Truthfully, authors should consider their publisher as support, mentor, coach and partner; not as a “magician” that can make their book a bestseller. Many authors are disillusioned because they have expectations from a publisher that are not realistic. A Publisher cannot make a book a bestseller! Only a great book that finds (and inspires) its audience can make itself a bestseller.
Deep River Books enjoys working with authors who understand their vital role in marketing their book. Some writers believe their job is over when the manuscript is finished. But books that sell well do so because the author takes an active role in marketing their work. Authors that frequently speak to groups of people (pastors, teachers, seminar leaders, workshop leaders, convention speakers, CEOs, men’s and women’s retreats/groups, evangelists, radio and television talk show hosts or guests, bloggers, celebrities, business owners, etc.) have built-in opportunities to market their books. But with today’s online networking opportunities, every author has the potential to build a following through social media, personal websites and blogs. When a potential reader can hear you in person or communicate with you online, they are much more likely to purchase your book than if they just see it on a shelf somewhere.
This is why we like to work with authors who display the willingness to build a readership. Nothing creates good book sales better than word-of-mouth advertising. The books you buy personally will not only earn you a good profit, they will also help jump start the sales process, giving your book a better chance to succeed.

So, if DRB cannot make me into a Bestselling Author, what can DRB do for me?
We can only promise that if we become your publisher, we will do everything we can to make your book a success. We will always give you the truth about your manuscript and push you to rewrite or edit where we think it is needed to make it better. We will tell you the truth about titles and cover design, and insist that we not finish until we all agree it is the best it can be. And we will ensure your book has the best distribution system available.
Deep River may or may not be right for you. But know this: we will not lie to you, and we will not just “print” your book to make a quick buck. If we do publish your book, Deep River will take the time to work with you to make your book better…hopefully the best. But we cannot guarantee that your book will sell well, and any publisher that tells you otherwise is not being truthful. Our growing family of authors is the best way to judge our work. View our Endorsements page from Deep River Authors.

How can I know that my manuscript is really a good book? How can I be objective about this?
First, ask yourself the hard questions:
“Do I believe in this book?”
“What is this experience of trying to find a publisher telling me about my book, about me?”
“Am I on a quest to get published because I have a passion for my message and my writing, or do I want to get published for other reasons?”
Then, if you still feel a passion for your manuscript and its message, submit it to more than one publisher and see what happens. Don’t be discouraged by rejection letters. Keep trying.

Where is Deep River Books located?
Central Oregon…just outside of Sisters, Oregon. Sisters is the home of many writers, graphic designers, and other publishing professionals.

Does Deep River Books distribute already published books for self-published authors?
No. We only market and distribute the books we publish.

What is DRB’s Statement of Faith?
I. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.
II. We believe there is only one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
III. We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory.
IV. We believe that for the salvation of the lost and sinful, regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.
V. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.
VI. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto the resurrection of life and they that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation.
VII. We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
This Statement of Faith is essentially identical to that of the National Association of Evangelicals.