How to Submit a Manuscript Proposal

  freelance-writing11When sending your initial query/proposal, you do not need to send us your entire manuscript. Please send us a synopsis (one page or less), an outline (two pages or less), and one or two sample chapters. Send them in a common font (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana), and double-spaced in a Microsoft Word document (a .doc file). Include the total number of words in your manuscript as well as a brief resume about the author. Then e-mail your proposal to: NOTE: We do not accept proposals by mail, only by e-mail.

Endorsements-What Authors are Saying

I am enormously pleased with my experience working with Deep River Books. was easy to work with and most professional. I found him always responsive, easy to contact, and very encouraging. The final product...

What is Partner Publishing?

How the Partnership Works The DRB GlobalConnect partnership is based on providing you with all of the help you need to get your book published by a professional publishing company and get your book...

Meet Our Team

OUR PUBLISHERS Deep River Books was founded by Bill and Nancie Carmichael. When it comes to publishing and writing, the Carmichaels are veterans. The Carmichaels are the founding publishers of Good Family...

Introduction to Deep River Books

Welcome! We are glad you are evaluating Deep River Books as a place to submit your manuscript for publishing consideration. Our Partner Publishing programs are designed to mentor new, emerging and/or...

Is DRB GlobalConnect Right for You?

Why Choose DRB GlobalConnect for Publishing My Book? There are a lot of "terms" being used when talking about publishing. "Traditional publishers," "vanity publishers," "self-publishing," subsidy...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DRB GlobalConnect? It is the Deep River Books Print-on-Demand (POD) discounted publishing system that allows you to order your books direct at discount, find ancillary marketing tools you can use...