While the Lambs Slept

ISBN: 9781632693174  
Author: Randy Johnson


“THIS BOOK WILL GRAB THE VERY HEART OF THE READER . . . GRAB IT! READ IT! DEVOUR IT!” -Alan Youngblood, author of Voice of Many Waters Delbert Simmons and Sherry Bentley have come to Red Branch, Tennessee, for the same reason-a new start. Heeding the advice of their pastor, they join a home group under the leadership of Bob and Cathy Roberts. Each shares their heart’s desire during the group’s first meeting. Delbert hopes for God’s approval and unconditional love, something he never received from his earthly father. Sherry wants what she never had: a real family for herself and her eight-year-old daughter, Hayley. Another home-group member, James, appears to be the perfect solution for Sherry. Things seem to be going well, until Hayley inexplicably begins to change. It soon becomes apparent that something is terribly wrong with the little girl. When the ghosts of Delbert’s past come to light, the blame falls squarely on him. With young Haley Bentley’s life at stake, everyone’s faith is tested as they grapple with the demons of their pasts and find the strength to trust in God as never before.

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