Which Church Am I?

ISBN: 9781632691798
Author: Debbie Harris


Written in skillfully crafted free verse, poet Debbie Harris blends elegance, beauty, and sensitivity into Christ centered portraits. Which Church Am I? is a compelling and thought provoking poetry series challenging both seekers and believers to thoughtfully ponder the modern day church. The reader is invited to enter each church as a participant. This poetry series is a must have for those who desire an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Comments on poetry series or inquiries for poet performances are welcome by going to http://dharris1.wordpress.com “Living in ‘the land of steeples’ it is sometimes difficult to see ourselves as others see us. That is why I am grateful for the gentle yet prophetic nature of Debbie Harris’ poetry. She throws velvet-covered bricks at the golden calves grazing undetected in many church foyers. Take some time to enter into these metered lines and allow God to challenge you to be the church He created us to be.” -Gary Brandenburg, Senior Pastor, Fellowship Dallas

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