Unending Hope for the Exhausted Addict

ISBN: 9781632693334
Author: Alan Lester


A restlessness writhes deep within the soul. Whether enslaved to raging masters like drugs or alcohol or hidden destroyers like internet porn or food obsessions, the exhausted addict knows the relentless torture of striving to break free only to fail time after time. How does this mad rush toward destruction end? With compelling illustrations and down-to-earth language, Alan Lester shares compassionate, candid, and biblical strategies to help addicts embrace the Savior’s life-renewing grace and hurl aside the chains of destruction. His points include: • An addict is completely helpless to save himself. He needs a savior. • The grace of God teaches addicts to say no to the cycle of temptation. • Lasting freedom comes through a slow progression of change.

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