To the Churches – Discovering the Truth of Our Spiritual Condition

ISBN: 9781632691361
Author: Paul Matte


Apostasy is a topic we would rather ignore, or apply to someone other than ourselves. The message to Laodicea is a fine message when we focus on the Lord offering to sup with us. What we need to remember is this is an offer of forgiveness, then fellowship, and not just fellowship in apostasy. In this book, author Paul Matte deals with several points that are indicators of our apostasy. He brings out the point that apostasy does happen, and that we possess traits indicating a compromised character. Apostasy isn’t a generational problem in which one generation can blame another. It is a problem that has grown progressively throughout the generations. It is a church-wide problem involving all of us, and we all need to accept our responsibility in it. To the Churches raises the concern that we have lost confidence in Christ. We sense the world doesn’t like us, so we change, not to be conformed to the image of Christ, but for the world’s approval. We are overly focused on being acceptable to the world that rather than pleasing to the Lord. Paul Matte warns against embracing the counterfeit packaging and marketing approach that is touted as innovative and successful. He emphasizes the need to trust in God, maintain a godly character, and walk with Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. This book will challenge your thinking and practices, urge you to do some self-examination, and encourage you to hold on to your confidence in Christ. You will experience a call to persevere in faith, hope, and love. To cast yourself upon God’s grace and mercy to renew and refresh your soul.

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