The WHEE Factor

ISBN: 9781632690098
Author: Edith Sutherland


The Song of a Disciple Do any of these statements resonate with you? • You want the peace and joy some people seem to have. • You are disengaged from God because you are disillusioned by the church. • You get annoyed when someone says you need a relationship with Jesus but doesn’t tell you how to find it. • You want to know the truth about life, love, and death. • You want to know God, but you don’t want the religion attached to it. • You want to know why God doesn’t seem real to you. If God lies dormant in your life like forgotten or abandoned sports equipment, let The Whee Factor reintroduce you to Him in a fresh, new way. Discover how unrestrained love, reverent submission, and holy living unlock vibrant songs of “Wheee!” bellowing out from the depths of your soul. Includes interactive questions for personal reflection and group discussion.

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