The View From My Heart

ISBN: 9781632692474  
Author: Lajean Wilson


“In the quiet we will understand that seasons come and seasons go, vacations become memories, and children grow up and leave home. And that is how it’s supposed to be.”” When LaJean Wilson began writing a column for a community Christian magazine, she found it easiest to write about her ordinary observations of her everyday life as a wife and mother in a small town in Arkansas. The simple themes of motherhood, marriage, friendship, and the seasons of life resonated with her readers. When a few of them suggested she write a book, she thought, “”I’ve already written it.”” She realized that her columns were simply a collection of personal vignettes that allowed her to look at life through the lens of her heart. Now readers of The View from My Heart can share her journey as she observes the extraordinary views offered by the ordinary occurrences in life.”

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