The Revelation of the Proverbs 31 Man

ISBN: 9781632691699  
Author: Vanderbilt Brownhi


Influence like favor is currency in the Kingdom of God, and God gives us influence to impart the Kingdom into others. The Revelation of the Proverbs 31 Man is the faithful response to the challenge of God in the prophetic question, “”Who can find a virtuous woman?”” one of the most self-evaluating and challenging questions in God’s word. This teaching that is born out of that powerful question will usher you into that place in the Spirit where you will be an effective builder of the people that follow you closely. For everyone whom God has put in a relationship where they have influence, particularly husbands, this book is new heights ministry that will impart to you the wisdom Jesus used to bring forth virtue in them that followed him closely. It will help you bring forth virtue in the people that God has given you influence with. The Revelation of the Proverbs 31 Man examines and ministers powerfully to: • How today’s born-again men have been foolishly assuming that when he meets his potential wife, she should already be this very virtuous woman. • How mighty Men of God like David and Solomon came up short in their leadership towards women. • How Christ himself had to come and show us how to impart and bring forth virtue in his bride, the Church.

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