The Master Communicator

ISBN: 9781632691750
Author: Georgia Gorham-Brockman


THE MASTER COMMUNICATOR LIFE-CHANGING QUESTIONS JESUS ASKED RELEVANT QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER • Who do you say that I am? • Why do you call me “Lord” and do not do what I say? • Will you lay down your life for Me? • Why do you question Me? When God sent His Son, Jesus, to earth, He gave Him an awesome assignment. Acting as the voice of God, His incredible mission was to help people understand God’s truth and desire an intimate relationship. As Jesus embarked on revealing God’s incredible love, He performed miracles, healed people, and taught lessons-many with profound questions such as those above. But those inquiries weren’t just for the Bible-times people who encountered Christ, they are intended for us today too. Even in heaven, Jesus still seeks to bring us to His Father and reconcile our sin-filled lives. And He does that by simply encouraging us to answer His questions. If you are wondering how to draw closer to the Lord or you are looking for an in-depth study of Jesus’ instructions, allow the Master Communicator to speak to your heart. He is ready and waiting; you only need to come sit at His feet and desire a better understanding of the One who spoke of His Father’s will for you.

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