The Hull with It

ISBN: 9781632691262
Author: Susan Eastman


A heartwarming true story of childhood memories of life in a seaside community. The Hull with It will take you back to a simpler time when: • Electronic devices didn’t control our lives. • People visited often with neighbors, friends, and family. • Everything seemed filled with wonder. Susan Rogowitz Eastman portrays the wonderful experience of spending childhood years living in a small beach town located outside of the city of Boston, Massachusetts. It was a time and place where young families were moving in with their children. Here children formed their first and lasting friendships and developed their morals and work ethic. The story of the author’s love for a small town called Hull will prove that you can go home again. You can go back to childhood beginnings. Share the author’s joy at going home to Hull, reuniting with old friends, experiencing the same emotions she had many years ago, and feeling she had never left the town of her childhood on Nantasket Beach.

Retail Price: $11.99