The Great Evangelical Dilution

ISBN: 9781632692443
Author: Charles Schaefer


SYMPTOMS OF ADVANCED SPIRITUAL ANEMIA Denominationalism; myopia; sacramental religiosity; sacerdotal superstition; cheap grace; a just-in-out- the-street mentality; a too-puny conception of man; loss of contrition; mistaking of temples; pursuit of carnal victories; doctrinal correctness emphasized over righteousness; choreographed worship at the expense of pure New Testament fellowship; idolizing of symbolism; a Christ who is one part basketball star, one part corporate guru and one part master of ceremonies-all these symptoms of a diluted Christianity, and more, are the author’s focus in this book. If you are provoked to anger, laughter, remorse and disruptive thought in reading this book, you have read it aright.

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