The Great Commandment Leader

ISBN: 9781632693150
Author: Paul Dordal


To Be a Good Leader, First Dock the “Leader Ship”! Too many leadership resources teach students what leaders do before teaching them what being a good leader means. “Defining who a good leader is before teaching what he or she does,” Dordal writes, “helps us to right the ship before we leave the port.” The Great Commandment Leader defines leadership by exploring the biblical imperative Jesus said was the most important one in life: love. In three must-read sections, the book describes the following: • The character and motivation that embody Great Commandment leaders • How leaders develop trust among their followers • How lasting positive change results from the practice of six powerful, biblical leadership paradigms The practical, proven advice in The Great Commandment Leader empowers ministry leaders everywhere to effectively lead and transform people, organizations, and whole communities God’s way. Amid the clamor of voices claiming to possess the formula for what an effective leader must do, Paul Dordal sounds a clarion call by addressing what a good leader must be. Set squarely on the foundation of timeless biblical principles, this is a book aimed at setting the Greatest Commandment on fire in people’s lives – and in the lives of those God has called them to lead. The church has been missing this book! Michael G. Scales, Ed.D., President Nyack College & Alliance Theological Seminary

Retail Price: $17.99