The Flying Farmboy: A Michigan Memoir

ISBN: 9781632691668
Author: Daniel Boerman


“A captivating memoir about the events in a young Michigan farm boy’s life that send him winging his way towards the life God has planned for him.” -Rev. Stephen Steenstra The joys and challenges of life on a small farm are fast becoming a distant memory in our society, but for author Daniel Boerman, the memories are crystal clear. Through his memoir, The Flying Farm Boy, Boerman enables you, the reader, to appreciate life in a fresh, new way by sharing his simple boyhood lifestyle; one he believes represents a rich heritage full of meaning for today. Like all young people, Boerman had a dream. He wanted to soar in life, to be confident, respected, and successful. Focused on flying above his humble, obscure beginnings, he was determined to impact the world around him, no matter what obstacles were thrown his way. Maybe, as his frequently ill mother urged, he could become a minister, preaching powerful messages to his congregations. Whatever his future vocation, the author desired to find a way to live out the values he learned and achieve the success he desired. Boerman invites you along for an inspiring flight. Through reading The Flying Farm Boy, you too may discover the value of simple living and rise above obscurity.

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