The Dimentia Dance

ISBN: 9781632690487  
Author: Rosemary Barkes


When a loved one’s strange behaviors and off -the-wall comments reveal the onset of dementia, family members face an onslaught of decisions. Whether they realize it or not, dealing with their loved one’s irreversible memory loss and accompanying physical symptoms will forever change their lives. Rosemary Barkes understands the difficulty in maintaining one’s sanity while grappling with constant unknowns. She became desperate for answers when her own mother was diagnosed with dementia. Now, in the Dementia Dance, she shares with other families the practical wisdom she learned by trial and error: – How to minimize stress in your rapidly changing world – When to take charge and when to let go – Tips on choosing an appropriate assisted living facility – How to economize on day-to-day items and services while maintaining quality care – Getting family members to help Managing the chaos of dementia is like being a partner in a dance of sorts-a dance that works only if you let dementia take the lead while you follow. Whether the dance is slow and graceful or fast and furious, you can learn to cope and even find enjoyment in life.

Retail Price: $14.99