The Chase

ISBN: 9781632691637
Author: Simon Anastasiadis


A good story is powerful: it can open your eyes, touch your heart, and change your life. As the parables of Jesus show us, sometimes the most profound spiritual truth can be shared through a simple story. In this collection by Simon Anastasiadis, themes of fear, risk, sacrifice, healing, and love are reflected through epic adventures and everyday choices alike. As these stories draw you in, you’ll be challenged to recognize the significance of your own choices and the adventure of your own life, as well. The Chase includes seven short stories written for young adults. Told with pure lyrical grace, these stories are designed to be read aloud. They can be used as a teaching tool for youth groups, shared with friends, or just enjoyed by yourself. Prepare to laugh, cry, reflect, and grow: These are stories that will stay with you.

Retail Price: $16.99