That I May See Him

ISBN: 9781632690937
Author: Ralph Wingate


Have you fallen for the lie that God won’t part the waters again? Ask you to build an ark? Slay a giant with a slingshot? Ralph Wingate, Jr. believes it’s possible for today’s Christians to expect a life of spiritual adventure, even amidst office computers, utility bills, and junk mail. Drawing from Hebrews 11, Wingate searches the souls of imperfect people, from harlots to kings, who had one thing in common: they cultivated an insatiable, extraordinary desire to see God on Earth. These improbable heroes and heroines understood that God is not only the rewarder of those who seek Him, but the reward itself. Citing present-day examples from his own congregations, the author offers practical advice on how you can develop a fresh yearning to seek God’s presence within contemporary settings. He invites you on a holy, hazardous quest that will turn your feet toward the uncharted paths of heroes and heroines. If you lack vitality in your Christian walk, this book will energize your journey. It blasts through stone walls of bygone centuries to reveal the same God that Moses, Noah, David, and others worshipped so that you, too, can fall prostrate in His presence today.

Retail Price: $18.99