Ten Guidelines for a Meaningful Life

ISBN: 9781632691200  
Author: Alan Robertson


Combining his psychological insight with both his biblical and theological knowledge, Alan brings the Ten Commandments to life for you and I today. Warmly recommended to anyone seeking to find their way into God’s way of living life. -Trevor Hudson, author of 8 books on Christian Spirituality, including Journey of the Spirit, with Morton Kelsey Does your life feel meaningless? Does it lack a moral and ethical compass based on solid biblical values? Even if you’re a Christian, do you often feel discouraged? The answer to your problems might surprise you: It’s all in the Ten Commandments. Yes, those dusty rules in Exodus you probably memorized as a child! But guess what? Those instructions God gave to Moses so long ago are just as crucial to our success today-and this life-changing book shows you how. With this new approach to the commandments you can: • Bring powerful meaning to your life • Renew your faith in a dynamic relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit • Become more like Christ • Deepen your Bible knowledge • Grow psychologically and spiritually Step back to the basics and find out why the Lord’s plan for His chosen people is the same plan for you, His chosen one. Through applying the Ten Commandments, you will find meaning in a joyful, God-honoring life!

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