Sunshine on My Shoulder

ISBN: 9781632694126
Author: Patricia Stagg


God doesn’t say, “Oops.” He has a planned purpose for every life and Tim used God-given abilities to touch the lives of others beyond anything we could have imagined. Our lives were filled with laughter and fun, far outweighing the suffering. Smiling . . . I remember this tender time, and I want to do it all over again This fast moving, memoir chronicles life with Tim from infancy to adulthood-and beyond. It’s an inspirational, timely story for both adults and youth. There was nothing special about us-we were no different than other young families. Then our perspective on life changed as we learned to live with a child who was determined to overcome multiple handicaps. I questioned whether there really was a God, but God’s sovereign plan was to reveal Himself to us through Tim-and every fiber of our being was changed. Who I was in 1960 is not who I was in 1998.I never came closer to God then when we needed Him the most-and He was silent!

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