Someone’s Coming

ISBN: 9781632691934
Author: Melissa White


You’ve read Genesis, Psalms, and the stories of the kings and the prophets. But maybe (if you care to admit it) at times you find these passages . . . confusing? A bit boring? Disconnected from the message of Jesus? If so, this book will bring a new and exciting perspective for you! Written for all age groups, this interactive study digs beneath the surface of familiar Old Testament stories to reveal God’s recurrent and resounding message throughout history: “Someone’s coming to save you from your sins!” This study will take you on a journey that will leave you amazed at God’s intricate and ancient plan of salvation and will draw you to be more deeply in love with the Someone who is at the center of the entire biblical narrative-Jesus Christ. “In this winsome and engaging book, Old Testament stories, poetry, law, and even the tabernacle architecture come alive as they disclose foreshadowings of Christ’s character and His role in God’s plan. Readers who don’t yet know much about the Old Testament, or who haven’t found it interesting or relevant before, will find this a fascinating series of lessons, good for both personal study and group discussion.” -Rev. Christopher Smith, Ph.D., author of The Beauty Behind the Mask: Rediscovering the Books of the Bible “Effectively portraying the ‘pictures’ of Jesus throughout the Old Testament, this is a dynamic study of who the Jesus of the Bible really is.” -Jim and Janet Eney, former Young Life directors, Pacific Northwest Region

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