Sifted As Wheat

ISBN: 9781632690388
Author: Susan Wheeler


Life is good for young Jeremy Martel, born into a hardworking farming family of faith, and surrounded by loving parents and a wise grandma who keeps him stocked with delicious baked goods and exciting and humorous family tall tales. A new puppy, a new brother or sister on the way … why wouldn’t Jeremy believe in and embrace the God Who loves him? As Jeremy grows older, however, life takes a series of difficult and upsetting turns. Just as soon as Jeremy seems to get his feet under him, something else comes along to challenge his faith. Hurt, frustrated, resentful, Jeremy rejects God and walks away from his faith, looking instead to himself and his own strength to make it through life. Jeremy finds some solace when he meets his first love, Betty, a beautiful, godly woman with flaming red hair. But soon, misunderstandings, bad decisions, and the Vietnam War change both their lives forever. Will Jeremy be able to rethink his faith and come to terms with the One Who has allowed him to be sifted as wheat? Will love ever be in his future again?

Retail Price: $22.99