Season of Change

ISBN: 9781632692894
Author: Jayne Turner


Inner healing begins by taking the first step. The first step leads to another and then yet another. Suddenly the journey becomes a path of celebration and self-acceptance. Pain, despair, and discouragement are discarded in favor of renewed life! In her first book, Season of Change, author Jayne Turner shares her end to decades of suppressed feelings. She has found an inner awakening to healing, with a regenerated emotional and spiritual life. In her illustrated book of poems and inner thoughts, she gives the reader new hope, courage, and a renewed faith. Jayne shares from her heart the challenges she faced trying to find the lost child within. She helps readers discover: • Permission to seek professional help • Forgiveness • Self-acceptance • Self-love • “Self-talk” • Growth • New beginnings • Deeper spirituality “I need to convince myself I won’t be hurt by standing up for myself, and I’ll finally see it’s really OK to be just me.” -Jayne Turner in Season of Change

Retail Price: $26.99