Sara’s Adventures

ISBN: 9781632692337
Author: Susan Brunner


Sara News is married to a great man named Ken, a farmer, and a prominent CEO of a bank in Mississippi. She married young and became a mother of two boys, Timmy and Matthew. Life was good and blissful, but Sara felt a tugging, an incompleteness. She was driven to pursue her own business. Sara was terrified of air travel, facing a jet set society, and seeing her best friend, Karen about her decision of being an entrepreneur. Sara was quarantined with the flu when she received a tragic call and letter from her mother, Louise about her father, Paul’s death, and later amnesia happened. Would she ever get well? Would her grief have closure? And would Jud Day’s bank grant Sara a business loan? Who was Sara News! Sara reviewed God. He was in her life growing up and when she married and even when they moved out of state for Ken’s career, but was God tired of carrying her or did He even listen anymore? Come read and follow as Sara’s Adventures unfolds. Other novels of the [MoL trilogy] are published 2010- Karen’s Secrets, and Tit for Tat. Coming 2012.

Retail Price: $19.99