ISBN: 9781632692351  
Author: Robert Christiano


This book will take you out of your comfort zone . . . it is not about me or my purported prowess in scripture for without God’s impute there is not an explanation, definition or thought that could be put on paper. Oh sure, there are things written about that every Christian knows and quotes from the King James Bible, but there are also things here that even I did not know where it was going until it was completed. So many things came as a surprise that I find it hard to express just how they came to pass; like the locust in Revelation 9:7, 8 that had hair as a woman. Think about it . . .where would one go to find out the meaning? If for any reason the reader does not understand how I expressed what was given to me, please reread it several times; it will come. May this be a blessing to all that read it and may it lead unbelievers to salvation through Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

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