Revelation and Other End Time Scriptures

ISBN: 9781632691644  
Author: Jack Anderson


LET’S TAKE A NEW LOOK This new study of the book of Revelation and other end time prophetic scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments address many of the old questions with new answers. These questions and many others require new thought and consideration as we approach the time of which they speak. Will a ten nation confederacy, currently referred to as the “”REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE’, develop out of the European Economic Community?–let’s take a NEW LOOK Will the anti-christ arise out of this “”REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE””?–let’s take a NEW LOOK Will the “”MARK OF THE BEAST”” be imposed on the whole world?–let’s take a NEW LOOK Will the final Babylon be a rebuilding of the old Babylon? If not where is Babylon located?–let’s take a NEW LOOK Who are the beasts of prophecy and what do the seven heads and ten horns signify?–let’s take a NEW LOOK Who is the “”MOTHER OF HARLOTS”” sitting on the scarlet beast?–let’s take a NEW LOOK When does the invasion of Israel described in Ezekiel 38 take place?–let’s take a NEW LOOK Are current events part of Daniel’s prophecies relating to the END TIMES?–let’s take a NEW LOOK Who are the major groups represented in the new heaven, new earth and new Jerusalem and how are they different?–let’s take a NEW LOOK

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