ISBN: 9781632691385
Author: Richard Murphy


Do you know that you have a ring-side seat to watch the RESURRECTION when God re-creates the world and everything in it? On the Day of Judgment, all people will be alive and present when God re-creates the world whether they were believers or non-believers. All will have a ring-side seat to witness God’s power and glory as He resurrects and re-creates all things new. On that Day, God will meet with each person individually and pass judgment, some receiving everlasting life and others everlasting condemnation. Jesus Christ is coming back. No one can stop Him. Every person who has ever lived has an appointment with Him which cannot be cancelled. Those who believed in Him will live a resurrected life in a resurrected body with a resurrected Christ on a resurrected earth. What happens when we die? What will happen when Jesus Christ comes back? What can we do to be ready? Resurrection is a masterpiece about life’s ending and life’s new beginning. We are just a breath away from meeting God face to face in death’s perfect moment. Be ready! – Do not leave this earth without knowing Him. – Let this book be your guide.

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