Quest for the Abundant Life

ISBN: 9781632691774
Author: Georgia Gorham-Brockman


The Main Quest of Life is to Find Intimacy with God and to Discover the Abundant Life He Offers Our quest for an abundant life unfolds into a sacred journey of love for God. As we encounter His sufficient grace, our relationship with Him becomes incredibly real, deeply intimate, and richly rewarding. The quest for abundant life includes: • Having an intimate encounter with God, whereby He becomes real to us. • Trying what God offers in His Word and experiencing His goodness, kindness, faithfulness, and overwhelming presence. • Yielding our self to God and seeing what He can do through us. • Living out our service to the Lord by spreading His all-sufficient grace to others. “Georgia has captured the essence of abundant living as being a gift from God for those who trust Him.” -Dan Burris, MS Pastor/Missionary

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