Perspective: A Dark Tale of Hope

ISBN: 9781632691767  
Author: Amanda Hovseth


The biggest challenge we may face in life is the responsibility of our own free will. Declan and Destiny have been best friends since childhood, but as high school graduation nears, they are faced with dangerous circumstances that threaten to destroy their very special friendship. After Destiny’s life is threatened by a violent gang set on revenge, Declan is willing to do anything to protect her, but Destiny is a Christian who is unwilling to compromise her Christian values-no matter the cost. When Declan takes matters into his own hands and goes against her wishes, he stands to lose the girl of his dreams, and Destiny’s resentment is so deep that she may miss the chance to show her best friend the way to salvation. Perspective is an exciting story of friendship, danger, faith, and forgiveness.

Retail Price: $14.99