Our Prayers

ISBN: 9781632691842
Author: Wanda Lewis


No matter where moments in life have taken you, you are not alone. In fact, every emotional space is full of travelers. As you walk alongside these travelers in Our Prayers, you will be encouraged, refreshed, and motivated as never before. You will come away knowing what to do in any situation-even moments of utter helplessness, heart-pounding dread, or sheer excitement. Beautifully illustrated, Our Prayers reveals the words of key biblical figures as they talk to God in times of joy, despair, decisions, and triumph. Take time to explore their moments in their full biblical context. You will learn how you, too, can access a power higher than you in life’s crucial moments. • Rejoice with Hannah as God gives her a long-desired son • Pray with Jabez a simple request that God hears and answers • Weep with David as he confesses to God his sin with Bathsheba • Identify with long-suffering Job as he recognizes God’s sovereignty • Cry out to God with Jonah as he prays from the ocean’s depths

Retail Price: $16.99