My Heart Will Go On

ISBN: 9781632694034
Author: Gloria Larry


A message of hope for anyone who has loved deeply, or longs to . . . From the moment of their first dance, Charles and Gloria knew there was something special between them. Their friendship grew into a ten-year courtship and culminated in a fifteen-year love affair interrupted far too soon by a devastating diagnosis for Charles. Your heart will sing when she finally says, “I do” and will break as she and Charles take on the biggest fight of their lives. In powerful and unflinching detail, Gloria takes you through a story of love, life, laughter, and loss, as she shares the heart-wrenching reality of dealing with a loved one battling a debilitating illness. Unapologetically, she shares the entire spectrum of emotions-from fear and faith to doubt and pain, as well as the moment when Charles takes his last breath. You will feel, deeply, the tenderness of two people who shared a true “soul bond,” while you learn to hang on and trust in God, even when He doesn’t provide the outcome you’ve so earnestly prayed for. While she will speak most powerfully to those who’ve experienced deep love and deep loss, this moving love story will touch readers of all ages with its vision of a profound and authentic love-even one cut agonizingly short. Walk with Gloria as she takes you on the ride of her life-one filled with so many lessons for your own life journey. You’ll walk away with a sense of urgency to live to the fullest while you have time. And for those who’ve loved and lost, it’s a compelling invitation to begin living and loving again.

Retail Price: $16.99