Lord, I Feel So Small

ISBN: 9781632690036
Author: Jon Drury


Can I go on? Should I give up? Is there any hope? The world’s false yardsticks demean and devastate you. Feelings of insignificance overwhelm you. Daily combat with giants such as fear, rejection, and comparison exhausts you. Lord, I Feel So Small explores twenty battlegrounds of significance to expose the lies that demean, discover the miracle of God’s purpose, and equip you for a life of unshakable confidence in God. Lord, I Feel So Small is a book that will speak to anyone who has ever felt . . . unworthy, small and insignificant. Author and pastor, Jon Drury, will lead you out of this wilderness into the bright sunlight of God’s amazing purpose and plan for your life . . . Author Karen O’Connor.

Retail Price: $17.99