Lights Along the Shore

ISBN: 9781632693693
Author: Gaylon Dighton


Looking for a refreshing new devotional? G. L. Dighton’s latest anthology, Lights Along the Shore . . ., is as invigorating and as irresistible as that first cup of morning coffee. Dighton’s remarkable ability to relate simple everyday occurrences to spiritual truths will inspire you to pursue that deeper intimacy with God you have been longing for. This collection of eighty contemporary parables is a delicious slice-of-life smorgasbord with the author’s discovery of the divine imprinted in each one. Like living guideposts along your spiritual journey, each of these endearing anecdotes will help kick-start your day, some with a chuckle and some with a tear. Lights Along the Shore . . . is Dighton’s third book. He has also published Consider the Lilies, his first volume of present-day parables, and Light. One does not usually picture a businessman who managed major construction projects in the United States and overseas, worked in research, received twelve US patents, and published numerous technical articles as a writer of devotional books. Now retired after a thirty-one year career in industry, G. L. Dighton writes frequent newspaper columns and has written for such diverse magazines as British Car, Country Almanac, and Mature Living. He has taught weekly Bible classes since 1960.

Retail Price: $17.99