Letters from a Father to His Beloved Son

ISBN: 9781632693198
Author: Kyu Lee


How does a father prepare his son for life on his own in the world? In this book, one father passes on the wisdom he has gained from life, as well as his devotion to God, in a beautiful, compelling way. Parents want their children to be wise and learn from the mistakes of others-instead of having to learn the hard way-and Daniel Kyuyong Lee shares openly his own failures and lessons learned from them to help his son navigate the complex journey of modern life. In this book, Lee plants seeds of good habits, sound thinking, proper relationships with others, and a close walk with God-and he shares these very personal and yet timeless truths with other fathers and sons. If you want principles of goodness, honesty, courage, humility, gratitude, prayer, and devotion to God to flourish in the life of your son, this book is for you. Letters from a Father to His Beloved Son offers spiritual wisdom and guidance for all young men about to begin their journey into adulthood.

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