Lessons for Parents From a Perfect Parent 

ISBN: 9781632690111  
Author: Jim Barclay


If you should ask me to state in one phrase what I regard as the greatest defect in most Christians’ lives I would say that it is our failure to know God as our Father as we should know Him. If only we got hold of this, we could smile in the face of every possibility and eventuality that lies ahead of us.”” –Martyn Lloyd Jones Jim Barclay is wise enough to know that any good parenting skills he possesses come not from within himself, or even from his earthly father. Rather, only the “”perfect Parent”” can impart life-giving instruction for our children. Lessons For Parents From a Perfect Parent is written to help Christians understand what it truly means that God is a loving, gracious Father to His children. Steve Brown of Key Life Network wrote, “”Jim Barclay has given us a wonderful book! How could he not? It’s from a perfect father. No, not Jim…Jim’s father…His heavenly Father. If you’re tired of the guesses of the experts and are weary with all the conflicting advice from those who don’t know any more than you do, this is your book. With wisdom, humor and insight, it is a message to you from one who is truly an expert. You’ll rejoice in being His child.”” In addition, Christian parents will learn valuable principles and lessons to help them in their parenting endeavors as they seek to imitate their perfect heavenly Father. • Real-life examples of teaching truth to children • Generous use of relevant scripture for every parenting scenario • A God-honoring, biblical skill set that stands in contrast to “”trendy”” parenting books

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