Karen’s Secrets of the March of Life

ISBN: 9781632691255
Author: Susan Brunner


Secrets where piling up everywhere Karen turned. Could she handle another secret? She remembered at the young age of ten her father sworn her to secrecy about the mystery laying beneath the house. Her best friend, Sara, whom Karen met in high school, was kept in the dark about Karen’s childhood and about a well-kept secret of the most eligible bachelor in town. Karen was at a dilemma in life; would kept secrets ruin her opportunities with her best friend? Or end a life without sharing her true love?-Where was God? Sara reached for Karen’s hand. “I’m here for you my friend.” _ en footsteps were heard, coming up the hall, he stepped in with hands in fists, plastered to his sides. “Talk with me, Karen,” Judd pleaded. Karen turned her head and a single tear fell. Karen’s Secrets of the March of Life is one book to the trilogy; next to be published is: Sara’s Adventures of the March of Life and Tit for Tat of the March of Life. These should be available over the two years.

Retail Price: $18.99