Journeys: Devotions for Travelers

ISBN: 9781632690012  
Author: Keith Clouten


Each year, tourists spend approximately $944 billion on travel worldwide. More than a million people fly in the American skies each day. And at least 25 million go abroad each summer, taking Caribbean cruises, tours of Europe, trips to ancestral homelands, and other journeys to see the world. The men and women of the Bible were also travelers. Some, like Noah and Paul, made their journeys by boat. Others, like Abraham, traveled all over the Near East on foot. Many, like Jesus Himself, rode on the backs of donkeys. Jouneys tells the stories of these prophets, peasants, preachers, and other individuals as they followed the voice of God and traveled where He led them. Each of the 52 devotional readings focuses on a specific journey undertaken by a character in Scripture and what we in the modern world can learn from it. Also included are accompanying maps, historical background, and suggested Bible readings. Whether you are a vacationing senior, a business traveler, a volunteer on a humanitarian trip, or a young adventure-seeker, this book of devotional stories will enrich your journey. It is also perfect for those “”armchair travelers”” for use as a weekly devotional reading.

Retail Price: $17.99