Islam: The Cloak of Anitchrist

ISBN: 9781632690081
Author: Joseph Smith


“Bible prophecy is like a giant jigsaw puzzle- except there is no picture on the box.” Jack Smith introduces the reader to his unique method of deciphering biblical prophecy in his book Islam, the Cloak of Antichrist. He sees prophecy as a very large, intricate puzzle. Each piece of that puzzle is a passage or verse of prophetic Scripture that is correctly interpreted. That piece must also fit in with the pieces around it. Every piece that is added acts as a foundation for the next piece. Mr. Smith teaches the reader this method of deep Bible study throughout his book, while also answering tough questions, including: Who is the Antichrist? What is the truth behind the Muslim religion and the Qur’an? What is Israel’s importance in the last days? Some of the special features of this book include: • A table at the end of each chapter that summarizes the significant points. • A glossary to help the reader understand confusing “end-times” terms. • Extensive historical and factual notes. • A color insert with images of the Dome of the Rock. According to Jack Smith, “holy war” against Jews and Christians is a common thread woven throughout Bible prophecies of the last days. This holy war will encompass the entire earth, including a wearing down of Christianity, a trampling of Jerusalem, and Islam’s eventual dominion over the entire world, including the White House. Smith interprets Shi’ah Islam of Iran to be a leading force in this holy war.

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