Hiding in Private Places

ISBN: 9781632692771  
Author: Annette Johnson


Hiding in Private Places describes my painful but triumphant journey of recovery from cancer, drug addiction, and severe abuse. Married at age sixteen to a man I hardly knew, I rebelled from my fundamentalist Pentecostal family and the conservative traditions of the church. Hoping to find freedom and a life of my own, I left my husband and family and ran away to Chicago where I lived on the streets for three years. While homeless I sank into the depths of alcoholism, drug addiction, physical abuse and despair. Though I continued to struggle for years with recurring cancer and my own personal demons, I ultimately handed my life over to God and watched in awe as He washed away my pain and healed my mind, body, heart, and soul. My story describes the many lessons I learned by coming out of hiding and putting my life in God’s hands. This book will bring healing, blessing, tears, and laughter, and will empower all who read it. With God all things are possible!

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