Hidden in Plain View: The Exegesis Gap

ISBN: 9781940269733
Author: Philip T. Newman


Paul Newton, an aging service technician with psychic abilities, is in no hurry to retire. He needs the money to take his wife on a promised trip to New Zealand. A childhood near-death event has left Paul with the acute sense that there’s a lot more going on, hidden beneath the surface, than others see.

Michael Phelan, a former Catholic priest, had to abandon his calling due to nervous breakdowns. Now, four years into his self-imposed convalescence, Michael is unsettled and unsure what to do with his life.

When Paul meets Michael by chance in a quiet country pub, Paul takes the opportunity to quiz the ex-priest on the mysteries that have fascinated him all his life. Finding an almost-willing listener, Paul expounds on his many opinions with regard to biblical events. Is Paul on to something with the theory he calls the Hallmark of the Trinity? Could there be significance in the numbers of the Trinity―how they are featured in many aspects of God’s work on Earth? Can these numbers, hidden for centuries until the advent of modern computer technology, prove that God did indeed create the world and everything in it?

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