Heal in Imitation of Christ

ISBN: 9781632692931
Author: W Kuhn


Are you considering a missionary calling…perhaps as a medical missionary? Heal, in Imitation of Christ is a thoughtful, thorough response to the many questions students have asked over the years about medical missions, like: – How can I be sure I am called to missions? – How can I best prepare? – How do I choose a sending agency and a field? – How do “Word and deed” work together? – How should I live among the poor? – How do I survive the flood of overwhelming needs? – What is the role of intercessory prayer? – What about spiritual warfare? – Miracles? Personal purity? The author’s answers are practical, personal, and biblical. The deeper concerns and struggles of missionary life are discussed honestly and openly, and they are illustrated with stories from years of life and missionary experience. The result is a practical resource for those seeking to serve cross-culturally-especially those in the healing professions-and for those struggling with the issues of living for Christ amidst poverty and need.

Retail Price: $15.99