God is In San Quentin

ISBN: 9781632692375
Author: Gerald Heermann


IF YOU DIED RIGHT NOW, WOULD YOU WAKE UP IN HEAVEN? DO YOU HAVE LOVED ONES THAT MAY NOT BE ON THEIR WAY TO HEAVEN? This book will tell you in simple language how to tell if you are “saved,” and if you are uncertain, what to do about it. It explains the bad and good news found in the Bible about our eternal destiny. It offers realistic answers to the common questions and objections of skeptics regarding the truth and reliability of God’s Word, the Bible. It may change your life or the life of someone you love, now and for eternity. The message of this book was refined in the crucible of San Quentin State Prison. Over an 18-year period Gerry spent over 6,000 hours in cell by cell, face to face dialog with hard, proud, skeptical felons who had strong reasons to hope that the Bible was only a myth. Their tough questions led him to research and to develop a simple logical presentation of the truths about God, the Bible, and salvation that God has used to lead some to repentance and a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Often upon hearing of God’s salvation plan, tears filled the eyes of those tough criminals and the conversations ended with a request for prayer. Learn what evangelism in San Quentin is really like. Be changed by the message that touched the hearts of inmates and may touch the hearts of those you love as well.

Retail Price: $14.99