Furnace of Truth

ISBN: 9781632693181  
Author: Jeffrey a. Lacroix


“As Censor Librom for the Catholic Diocese of Dallas I almost read too much, and yet, I could not put Furnace of Truth down.”” – Father Robert Coerver James Colter is supposed to be designing golf clubs. Instead, he sits at his desk and wonders if he will ever sleep through the night again, if his headaches will ever subside, and if his life will ever return to normal. James’s sleep is constantly disturbed by nightmares about people living centuries before his birth. A psychologist tells him he must study the time period and write down the contents of his dreams to restore sound sleep. Following the doctor’s instructions, James finds himself writing a story of Third-Century Christian life in Alexandria, Egypt, the city of scribes. Selfish and political motives drive early church leaders to change the contents of church manuscripts and threaten to obscure the truth before it can be preserved as part of the canon of the Christian church. At the same time, the Empire-wide persecution of Christians ordered by the Emperor Decius threatens the extinction of Christian documents by fire. James dreams and writes of how an early Christian scholar named Origen; his assistant, Stephen; and Stephen’s street-smart friend, Magdalena, worked to preserve the contents of the Bible from these forces of destruction. What James learns is the true story of how the early church rejected one of its greatest scholars, Origen, and how brave men and women died trying to preserve the truth for future generations. Throughout history, many have questioned whether or not all canonical documents were assembled into the Bible. Furnace of Truth ties together the available snippets of historical records to determine whether or not the truth survived.

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