From Relationship to Covenant

ISBN: 978-1632694270
Author: David Hager


Where is God’s presence in the Church today? Where is the Spirit-filled life He promised us? Modern Christians are frustrated as their relationships with God fall stagnant and His New Testament promises seem to go unfulfilled.

The problem? God’s promises are covenant promises, and today’s Church has lost both the meaning and the practice of covenant. Covenant is part of a long-term, developing relationship with God, but we treat it like a contract for salvation, signed with a sinner’s prayer in a single moment. We need to return to the relational culture around biblical covenant.

This book unpacks misunderstandings about our relationship with God, and then looks at three major covenants in the Bible, showing how God uses covenant to bring His people’s relationship with Him into maturity.

Understanding and following the covenant process will give Christians new insights into spiritual growth, evangelism, and discipleship. Since God relates to us using covenant, our improved understanding of covenant will lead us to a better understanding of God. As a result, God’s promises will be unlocked in our lives.

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