From Grace to Grace

ISBN: 9781632692412
Author: Simone Oliver


The circumstances of life can easily leave you cynical, sour, and discontent. From Grace to Grace challenges the brokenhearted to find the healing grace of God and be transformed! In the midst of the most heinous, shocking circumstances, be assured that God has a plan for your life. Simone Oliver shares her personal prayers as well as the scripture and literary texts that brought her comfort, encouragement, and inspiration on her healing journey. Through guided, self-reflective writing, From Grace to Grace encourages readers to enter into the presence of God and exhilarate their souls like the first smell of the sweet spring air after a cold, hard winter. Each prayer and every personal response to scripture or literary text will usher the reader into the realm of possibilities, calling forth a future of promise, purpose, and passion.

Retail Price: $16.99