Free to Soar

ISBN: 9781632690029
Author: Rebecca Adams


Within twenty-four hours after her wedding, Rebecca knew she had married the wrong man. Her husband, who had been kind and caring, suddenly became distant. Over time she began to see his true character-he was an abuser. In the years that followed, Rebecca and her children continuously endured all types of abuse. Although she attempted to deny and ignore it, things got progressively worse each year. When Rebecca’s life suddenly came crashing down and she finally acknowledged the truth about what her husband had become, she had to make a choice. Feeling hopeless, depressed, and trapped, Rebecca had to decide whether to stay or attempt to escape the prison of her husband’s abusive clutches. Join Rebecca in this gripping story of her journey from abuse to freedom. Her successes, failures, sorrows, and joys will encourage you and help you to find hope. You will discover that like a bird released from captivity, you, too, can begin a brand new life and be free to soar! “…Rebecca speaks with the authority of one who has experienced the cruelty of abuse…. Rebecca’s book can help those caught up in abuse, with insights that can only be given by one who has walked in the shoes…” – Dr. Gregory Thompson/Counselor and Founder of AMERICA ASLEEP kNOw MORE

Retail Price: $17.99