Faith Builder Manual

ISBN: 978-1632694058
Author: Cliff and Brenda Palm


Answering the age-old question, “Does God really want me to be blessed and successful in all I do?” the Faith Builder Manual responds with a resounding “Yes!” Faith Builder Manual will help every Christian discover and personalize the promises and blessings in the Bible. This book is a straightforward, easy-to-use tool to help believers learn the principles of faith and how to declare and appropriate all that God promises in His Word. Faith Builder Manual helps believers build a “matter-of-fact,” “I-know-that-I-know,” “mountain-moving” faith established on Scripture in a variety of translations. It also includes instructions and sample personalized declarations for gaining God’s gemstones-faith, authority, healing, prosperity, and victory-that will transform Christians into victorious believers in every area of life.

Retail Price: $16.99