Embracing Grace

ISBN: 9781632690159
Author: Marlys Johnson


Life is never smooth, never. It continually finds rivers to cross, mountains to climb, deserts to endure, storms to survive. We can feel like sheep without a shepherd. Fortunately, experiencing joy does not require the absence of pain. If it did, none of us could enjoy eating ice cream cones! Through her many stories, Marlys helps you see Jesus as the Good Shepherd who truly cares for His sheep. This book is the result of many requests from high school math students and adults to get the stories into print, for they are faith-encouraging stories. As the book touches on faith struggles, eating disorders, marital strife, grief in loss, and everyday challenges, the underlying theme is hope and restoration. God’s grace, in the form of strength and joy, pierces through the darkest moments in life. Though the topics sound heavy, the writing is lighthearted and fun to read. Laughing through the stories, you will feel a hug from God as you absorb His truths.

Retail Price: $14.99