Conflicting Signs Confuse Sinners

ISBN: 9781632692825
Author: Paul Morse


How can you lead someone to Christ? How can people know if they are saved? Does it matter what you place your trust in to get to heaven? Conflicting Signs Confuse Sinners attempts to answer these questions for you. Read how the enemy of our souls has perverted the doctrine of salvation. Learn how you can free lost sinners from darkness by the clear teaching of the plan of salvation. • Understand the common misconceptions about receiving salvation that keep the lost, lost. • See the devastating effects wrong teaching about salvation can have. • Find out how to clearly direct the lost to salvation. • Use the included small group study guide to help you review and discuss the material presented in the book. • Enjoy the humor that makes difficult topics understandable. The authors have spent many years studying the doctrine of salvation. They have gleaned much from listening to sermons, reading tracts, discussing salvation experiences with Christians, and talking to those who have not yet placed their trust in Christ. These experiences helped them formulate a plan to clear up confusion over the application of salvation.

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