Can the Sad Come Out?

ISBN: 9781632692450
Author: Laurie Trachta


Children have many questions when they lose friends, family members, and even pets. Why do living things have to die? What happens to our bodies when we die? How do we get to heaven when we die? Will I ever feel happy again? As adults, it can be difficult for us to answer these questions, especially if we are grieving the loss as well. Can the Sad Come Out will provide you with the framework you need to discuss these difficult but important questions with children. Within the pages of this book you will find ideas on how to start a conversation on why living things have to die, what happens to our physical bodies when we die, and how God transforms us into something even more beautiful after we die. In this way, both you and the children experiencing the loss can begin the journey of healing. In time-with trust in God and prayer-the sad truly can come out. May you, your family, and your loved ones find peace as you walk through the valley.

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